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January 7, 2005
Good Article on Venture Capital Blogging ... And Random Thoughts on Business Blogging
Topic: 4) A Random Walk

By way of Jeff Nolan ... one of the best profile articles I have seen on the Net on the small, but distinguished population of venture capital bloggers. Covered in the Venture Capital Journal.

To digress a bit, as a freelance management consultant (and not a VC), I resonate with some things here with respect to business blogging (as opposed to personal blogging): 1) blogging helps me to keep track of non-confidential information that I want to keep track of in a richer format that is better than bookmarks, spiral notebooks, etc., and 2) blogging forces me to actively process information and thus serve a goal of continuous learning. The publishing aspect of blogging is good too in that it is an efficient means to deliver and synthesize information in new ways. Good for low-level, bootstrap marketing (or at least branding if you take a stricter definition that marketing is about lead generation).

Some of my original goals for blogging were to learn more about the format, its use as an informal communication channel, impacts on search engine cataloging, and use as an online networking tool. For the most part these goals have been satisfied.

Unlike some of the VCs in the article, I have not yet experienced any impact on deal flow from maintaining a blog. My product offering is different though, and my audience is different too.

In any case, this circles back to my addition of blogging more about technology in 2005. It serves a goal of continuous learning. It makes no presumptions that efforts will lead to deal flow. Based on reader feedback, however, thoughtful and professional blogging does help me to preserve the brand of my reputation. Reputation and integrity are most important to me.

Steve Shu
Managing Director
S4 Management Group

Posted by sshu-s4 (c) S4 Management Group LLC at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: January 7, 2005 10:02 AM CST
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